How do you want to feel? Tough question, isn’t it? Do not worry, I rarely open with that. However, I will work with you so you can better answer that for yourself. You see, so many times in life we will feel lost. Or stuck. Or confused. Or, maybe all of the above. And that is perfectly okay as that is where I come in. What is it that I do? I help repair your inner compass. I work with the lost and with loss. I listen and I hold space for you. I make repairs and help you navigate. Sometimes we need a map. Sometimes we need direction. Most often, we just need to get still so our compass can be the guide. The point is, we all get lost along the way. We may go west before we go north. Sometimes, we go south. But whatever the direction, we will find our way forward. After all, we all have a compass, we just need to go inside. Shall we get started?


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Labour of Love

Countless times in the past 10 weeks I sat down to write to only be hijacked by my scattered brain and newborn baby. As I write this, 107 days on the other side, my baby is no longer a newborn. The fourth trimester is now behind us. Seriously, how did that happen? No...
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Does anyone else suck at asking for help? And by suck what I mean is not only do I not ask for help I also tell myself that I am a failure for not being able to do it all. Whelp, I for one can give a big hell yes to that question. Ugh. Why is asking for help so hard!?...
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It Takes A Village.

It’s been a steep learning curve, one that no book or words of wisdom could have ever prepared me for. And with that, I’m proudly standing on the other side of one month. While I’m still in the trenches, I wanted to share the lessons I’ve learned so far and how I’ve...
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Let Them Be Little

Well, it’s been a really long time since I’ve sat down to write anything. So long that I have managed to grow and deliver a tiny human. On September 20th we welcomed a baby boy into our family, Holden has taken over as CEO of our lives. Overall, he has been pretty...
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