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Overshare Alert: February was a really tough month for me. I wasn’t feeling great, my motivation was at an all time low, my routine was off (non existent), I was immobilized. I wish I could share the secret to how I climbed out, but I can’t. There isn’t one. What I know is I rode the waves, I have a partner who rides them with me and I tried very hard to be patient with myself. The voice in my head is not nice in times like this. It shoulds all over me. It questions my decisions. It asks...

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What do you do for fun? Seriously. I want you to take a moment and make a list to answer this question. If you are like many people I work with, you will have a very hard time answering it. And, that’s the point. I need you to be able to answer this question. The other weekend I was lucky enough to spend it with my 6 year old niece and 4 year old nephew in the magic of their imaginations. We created. We played. We laughed. We lego’d the shit out of the weekend. I recognized that I need more...

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Be Your True North.

I’m not sure when I lost myself, but I don’t believe I started to “find myself” until the summer of 2015. I know, how cliché. But I remember the moment vividly. I was lost. I was spiraling. I was imperfect. And I didn’t know what to do. My inner world was crumbling and as a result, my outer world was too. I had spent a lifetime as a hard wired achievement-bot. Seeking. Hustling. Perfecting. My armour was shiny, vulnerability was buried and my masks were always ready to be worn. My best relationships were always kept at an arms...

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Becoming Minimalish.

How do you want to feel? This is the question that I started 2017 off with. Based on the teachings of Danielle LaPorte, I identified my 3 Core Desired Feelings of 2017 as Nourished. Clarity. Growth. In all that I do, I need to feel at least one of these feelings. Something that shocks many people about me is that I am a hardcore homebody and introvert. My batteries are recharged in the quiet. I am a chronic nester. And because of this, in order to feel how I want to feel, I need my home to feel in order. I...

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Unpacking 2016.

We are in the dying days of 2016 and I felt I would take some time to unpack this past year in preparation for 2017. Like every year that has come before it, 2016 was filled with highs and lows, changes and growth. Like life, 2016 was messy. So I did what every sensible person does heading into a new year grasping at hope, change and new beginnings; I cancelled my gym membership. You read that correctly, I cancelled it. I’ve learned many lessons this past year, one of those was the reminder to invest my time as wisely as...

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I am a practicing clinician in Saskatoon with a Graduate Degree in Social Work. I work with individuals, couples, groups and teens. Whether you are feeling lost or have experienced loss, I can help. We all have an inner compass; BE your true north. Learn more.