Author: Lisa

Labour of Love

Countless times in the past 10 weeks I sat down to write to only be hijacked by my scattered brain and newborn baby. As I write this, 107 days on the other side, my baby is no longer a newborn. The fourth trimester is now behind us. Seriously, how did that happen? No really, it is hard to remember. I am grateful I wrote a lot of things down in those first three months as the newborn fog is real. I would love to say the sleepless nights are long behind us, but that is just not the case....

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Does anyone else suck at asking for help? And by suck what I mean is not only do I not ask for help I also tell myself that I am a failure for not being able to do it all. Whelp, I for one can give a big hell yes to that question. Ugh. Why is asking for help so hard!? And before we get too ahead of ourselves, the help I am referring to is deeper than tasks and household chores. The help I’m talking about is the actual act of acknowledging that I cannot do it all,...

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It Takes A Village.

It’s been a steep learning curve, one that no book or words of wisdom could have ever prepared me for. And with that, I’m proudly standing on the other side of one month. While I’m still in the trenches, I wanted to share the lessons I’ve learned so far and how I’ve been able to cope. Life with a newborn is equal parts magic and equal parts WTF. PRENATALLY: 1. Find your tribe  In life, we all need a tribe. Life takes a village and it is not meant to go at alone; parenthood is no different. At 20...

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Let Them Be Little

Well, it’s been a really long time since I’ve sat down to write anything. So long that I have managed to grow and deliver a tiny human. On September 20th we welcomed a baby boy into our family, Holden has taken over as CEO of our lives. Overall, he has been pretty great to work for. I’m approaching one month of motherhood and hot damn, what a ride. I write this from my couch nest with my little babe snuggled in. It sounds sweet, and it is, but it’s also a full on hostage situation #sendchips. Don’t get me...

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Highlight Real

Overshare Alert: February was a really tough month for me. I wasn’t feeling great, my motivation was at an all time low, my routine was off (non existent), I was immobilized. I wish I could share the secret to how I climbed out, but I can’t. There isn’t one. What I know is I rode the waves, I have a partner who rides them with me and I tried very hard to be patient with myself. The voice in my head is not nice in times like this. It shoulds all over me. It questions my decisions. It asks...

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I am a practicing clinician in Saskatoon with a Graduate Degree in Social Work. I work with individuals, groups and teens. Whether you are feeling lost or have experienced loss, I can help. We all have an inner compass; BE your true north. Learn more.