This is a course for teenage girls willing to learn to be leaders in their own lives. In either a workshop (perfect for teams) or in the Be BRAVE course (perfect for individuals or smaller groups), we will be working to create a tribe of women who encompass the 5 key components of BRAVE Leadership:






We are going to get serious, we are going to be creative and we are going to be brave. 


Being a teenage girl is HARD. How do I know? I was one. The pressure and expectations. The bullying. The desire to fit in. The ins and the outs, the cliques and the drama. The struggle is real and we are ALL a part of the problem. I am challenging each of you to do better, to be better; to BE a part of the solution. I want you to lead yourself into healthier relationships, better communication and more importantly, towards being yourself. Women, it’s time we LEAD UP.


This program has three different options and depending on what you are looking for will determine what works best. Let me break it down for you:

  • BRAVE Workshop: Full Day

The full day workshop integrates the entire 6 session curriculum into one action packed day. Great for large or small groups wanting to dive into leadership development AND team building. The activities will be a balance between leading the self, leading others and working as a part of a larger team/ unit. Participants will also receive the BRAVE Workbook. 

  • BRAVE Workshop: Half Day

This half day work shop provides an overview of the 5 key components of BRAVE Leadership. This is great for large or small groups wanting an overview of leadership, tools for leading and practices for implementing. This will include group activities as well as participants will also receive the BRAVE Workbook.

  • Be BRAVE

Be BRAVE  is a six session course. The curriculum works through the BRAVE Workbook. Each session will tackle one key component of BRAVE  (Bold, Responsible, Authentic, Vulnerable, Empowered) with the first session focused on creating a vision and setting actionable goals. This course has both an online and in person component (in person can be done via Skype or FaceTime)




Please get in touch with me for more details