This is couple’s counseling, for BOTH of you. Step one is expressing yourselves to one another and I want to help you with that. Facilitating conversation is my speciality. 

This is for you if one or both of you:

  • Feel unsure if you want to be in the relationship anymore.
  • Feel your children have consumed your time and you don’t feel like you know your spouse (or yourself) anymore!
  • You, as a couple, do not fight fair or respectfully.
  • Sex and intimacy are a source of frustration and/ or shame for one or both of you.
  • As a couple, you want to get past the affair and do not know how. The trust is gone.
  • I am not happy. My partner is not happy. We do not know how to “fix it”.

Relationships are most vulnerable in what I refer to as The Relationship Bermuda Triangle: Intimacy, Communication and Finances. Disconnection lives here creating an optimal climate for all things toxic to any couple: disengagement, affairs, workaholism, intimate/ sexual droughts and so much more. Relationships are difficult and creating connection is a constant work in progress. Whether you feel you merely need a shock to the ‘heart’ or if you are worried your marriage is coding on the table, let’s get to the root of the issues. 

Who is this for?:

  • Feeling stuck or dull or in a rut OR All of the above
  • Lacking desire but still in love
  • Derailed but wanting to get back on track
  • I love my partner i just don’t know if i am ‘in love’ with my partner
  • I think we have lost ‘the spark’
  • Our sex life is nonexistent and we want to change that
  • We need to talk but we don’t know how

Who is this not for?:

Mandated spouses- engagement and participation is necessary.

Couples and individuals battling substance abuse issues. Substance abuse requires focused attention and to be treated as the priority. These sessions will not be able to address that need.

How it works:

This is for you AND your partner. “Goodness of Fit” is essential for couples and for myself. Below are a list of options from which you can choose between. Please know this is not “save- your- relationship- at- all- costs- guaranteed -results”. I believe in happiness. That’s it. Together or apart. With children or without children. Happiness. My goals are to work with the BOTH of you to identify your needs and seek connection. More questions? Let’s Chat.


  • Initial “Goodness of Fit” Session (50 minute session) $100
  • Each additional Session (50 minute sessions) $120