“When Lisa talked about making people write their own obituary, I personally thought for a long time what I would write myself for my own obituary. It was really eye opening when I couldn’t think about anything significant to write/would write. This and her talk was very motivating; very intrinsic motivation”

“Lisa was a great speaker, and I like how she encouraged and even forced people to share. The videos she showed were also very insightful, and something I will not forget”

“With our guest speaker today, she talked about change. She mentioned briefly about how one’s perspective on life will change all the time, you just have to learn to embrace the change. I also thought the video she showed about life is like a deck of cards was actually a great inspirational video. It really related to 402 because it really gets you to think about you and what your values are”

“Lisa was amazing. That was a spectacular and incredibly motivating half hour. Bring her back! This class was a spectacular ending to a spectacular course”

“In Lisa’s presentation, she stressed the importance of why we are motivated to make our decisions; passion is very important and we need to keep time for ourselves and pay attention to the things that really matter”

“Lisa’s talk was great, it really made me think. When she said to write your own obituary. I want to do something in life that I will be remembered for. I don’t want to go through life not making a difference. I want to be in a career I love and make sure I am in a place where my values align. My rule of life is to stay positive if I can stay positive in every situation life will go smoother”