End of Life CelebrationsEnd Of Life Celebrations

This service focuses on YOU and your end of life celebration. If you are wanting to discuss and plan your funeral, your end of life celebration or if you are simply wanting to create small gifts to leave your family members after you die, I would like to work with you.

Our lives are uniquely our own. How we choose to celebrate our lives can also be unique. I will work with you to pre- plan your life celebration and create a vision that represents you, your wishes and exactly what you want. Whether your wish is a traditional service or a contemporary celebration, together we will create a plan that ensures your vision comes to life.

If you are not interested in planning your end of life celebration but are looking to create keepsakes for those closest to you, I can also help with that. Photobooks, mementos, final letters, videos, jewellery; these are all examples of what you can create to leave behind for your loved ones.

How it works?:

Your first session will be filled with dreaming and scheming and a plan to transform your ideas into action. Subsequent sessions and costs (if necessary) will be determined after the initial session.


  • Initial Session (one hour): $ 120
  • Subsequent Sessions: To be Determined