End of Life Book Club YXE

Join me for an evening of life and death! This is our inaugural End of Life Book club where we will spend an evening sharing our reflections on the book we have all read. For the first night, I have selected “Being Mortal” by Atwul Gawande. This book is usually in stock in most book stores and can also be ordered from your local library.

I will facilitate the session with some guided questions but beyond that we can look forward to sipping wine, beer or a latte and talking about a topic that many avoid. Death is a universal experience, something we ALL share. Let’s shine some light on death so we can each live more passionate, purposeful and fulfilling lives.

I look forward to getting to know each of you and this book at a more in depth level. Spaces are limited so please reserve your spot HERE.

Bravely Mortal,


Death Cafe Saskatoon

A Death Café offers a creative way to explore how death can inform and inspire the way we live. As a rapidly growing movement, you will find a Death Café happening somewhere in the world almost every single week

At Death Café Saskatoon, we believe that talking about death only enhances our current state of being. The purpose of Death Café is to increase awareness of death with a view to helping people make the most of their (finite) lives. This will be an opportunity to join other members of the community and immerse yourself in what we know will be a fulfilling evening filled with thought provoking conversation.

Your hosts, Lisa Greig & Karla Combres will be creating a comfort in a conversation that has been long avoided. We invite you to join us for tea, coffee, sweets and of course, conversation.

Spaces are limited so please reserve your spot HERE