Talking about death and embracing mortality creates a curiosity in most. Through podcasts, print and various presentations, I have had the opportunity to share my passion with many curious participants, media outlets and listeners. Mortality is a difficult topic and conversation to initiate however, it elicits a response in most that is of fascination, reflection and intrigue.

I embrace any opportunity to shine light on a topic that many keep in the dark; an opportunity to bring life to death. It is my hope that by talking about our mortality we will be able to gain clarity and insight into our own lives.

I encourage you to take a listen to the various interviews below. My hope is that it sparks a connection and allows you to dig a little deeper in your own life.

Curious? Fascinated? Intrigued? Check out my interviews orĀ connect with me for a media interview.

TEDxSaskatoon 2015

Your Big Break Podcast by Gwen Elliot

Cerebral Mind Control Podcast