This is individual counseling for teenagers.

This is for you or your teen if:

  • You are in the age range of 12-17 and are open to talking to someone
  • Parents: You are concerned your teen isn’t telling you everything and you want a safe place they can talk
  • Teens: You aren’t telling your parents everything (because it is hard and awkward) and want to talk with someone ( I am that someone AND can even help you with talking to your parents)
  • Teens: You feel like you are holding the weight of the world and need to let it out before you explode.

Being a teen is tough. Like hard. Like freaking impossible some days. Among the many things that you encounter every single day some of those things include:

Bullying. Peer Pressure. Sex. Worries. Fears. Sexual Orientation. Depression. Pregnancy. Anxiety. Suicide. Self Harm. Being annoyed by siblings and parents (sorry mom and dad!). Drugs. Alcohol. Grief and Bereavement. Failing classes. Pressure to decide on University Majors.

Whether it is you or a friend, you are not alone. I may not be a teenager, but I was and I get it and as a BONUS I am not your mom or dad… so come talk to me. I want to listen. I want to help. I want you to know that you are not alone.

So. A therapist… AWKWARD. I promise to do my best to make it less awkward. What do I need from you? I’ll want to chat with your parents and I will want to chat with you. I’ll need some signatures and I’ll go over some information but mostly, I just need you (and your parents) to make an appointment for an initial session. As a bonus? I’ll throw in a journal (or not, if you don’t want, that’s cool).

How long are sessions? A half hour. I find that is the perfect amount of time for Teens. Not only do I want to make the most of your time, I know you have busy schedules.

Let’s chat,



  • Initial Session with parent(s)- $ 75
  • Each additional Session- $ 100